Ever wonder where the term “Man’s best friend” originated? From this dog. A black and tan hound dog named Old Drum. Old Drum was shot and killed on the night of  October 18th, 1869. Charles Burden was saddened to find his good friend, a hound dog dead and vowed that somebody would pay for the act. It was later discovered that his neighbor and brother-in-law killed the dog, ostensibly citing a number of sheep killings on his property, Leonidas Hornsby promised death to the first dog on his property and a ward of Hornsby shot and killed the animal. The case went to court and was heard three times before ending up in the Court of Common Pleas in Warrensburg,Mo. The case was appealed and went all the way to the Missouri Supreme Court where an award of $50 was upheld for the loss of the dog. At trial, legal expert George Graham Vest made what is now, his famous “Eulogy of Old Drum.” (Senator George Graham Vest – eulogy, below pic)