The building (left-center-background) with the cylindrical top is the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The cylindrical top is The Skies restaurant. The structure rotates 360 degrees on top of the hotel giving diners a panoramic view of Kansas City. I proposed to my wife there. The hotel was the scene of a horrible tragedy in July of 1981 resulting in the deaths of 114 people. A suspended walkway collapsed during a tea party. Someone I knew told me that they were laughing and talking with a friend one second when the walkway fell directly in front of him smashing the individual they were having the conversation with like a pancake. My good friend commented many times before the tragedy that the hotel “was built like a deck of cards.” Hurried construction and poor engineering were found to be at fault. Some asshole engineer decided to weld two I-beams together, drill a hole through the center, and then suspend thousands of pounds through this concept with a connecting rod, washers and bolts. I don’t recommend staying at this fancy hotel. It may be hazardous to your health.


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