Memphis Perspective

Ever since I began shooting with a Nikon F in 1985, I have always had an interest in capturing interesting images of the city. Even a novice photographer who understands what an f-stop is can create a beautiful photograph. Personally, I would much rather someone say, “that’s an interesting photograph.” So I seek out unusual spots within each city, often stumbling upon an interesting perspective by pure chance. Such was the case last week when I drove down to take some shots of the iconic pyramid structure in Memphis, Tenn. I suddenly found myself underneath the overpass structures leading to the Hernando de Soto Bridge. I forgot about the pyramid. The sun was setting quickly but I managed to capture some interesting images of lines, shapes, and structures that actually make a city work. I hope you will find the following images, “interesting.” Thanx for visiting jmorlife63! (all images shot with Nikon D3100 & 18-55 zoom)


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