Wisdom for the Blogosphere

Today I only had one class to attend at UCM. It’s called, Writing Across the Media. The topic was “The Blogosphere.” The instructor, Professor Joe Moore, often lectures while engaging students which makes the class more enjoyable and less boring. The “Blog” is slang for “Log.” Questions arose such as, why is a blog important? What problems do you see with blogs and websites but the most prescient for me was, what good comes from blogs? This made me think. Sometimes college students think. Yes.

I consider myself a fairly private person. I am generally an optimistic and outgoing personality-type, however, my personal life tends to remain hidden from many who know me except my closest friends. This is going somewhere. Trust me. In a certain organization that I have been a member of now for many years, we join together at certain times to “share our experience, strength, and hope with each other” that we might solve our common problems (Some who read here will understand). The point is that there is simply no substitute for experience. In my nearly half-a-century (yes, I’m a non-traditional student) revolutions’ around the sun, I like to think that I have gained at least a nominal amount of knowledge about life. I have made a decision to share some of my personal experiences and knowledge with readers of jmorlife63. I have decided to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. So let’s get started, shall we?

I was 40 years old before I realized this one; I am NOT responsible for the way you Act, Think, or Feel.

This was a biggie for me. Really. Oftentimes I meandered through life thinking that somehow I was responsible for other peoples actions, thoughts or feelings. This is simply not true. If someone makes you act a certain way, think a certain way, or even hurts your feelings, who is at fault? It is only I. I can only allow this to happen if I decide to give that power to another person. For example, any power that someone has to piss me off? I simply give it back to them.

I can recall attending junior college in Oregon. I was working my ass off and attending school on a full time basis. My job was in mental healthcare. I worked with autistics, schizophrenics, and what I’ve always consider the most difficult, borderline personalities. As if this wasn’t stressful enough, I had some know-it-all co-worker (no education) constantly bashing my work skills and methods while often belittling the fact that I was attending college. I would dread going into work every morning because my co-worker Jim was causing me more stress than my mentally-ill client. One day he openly said, “Your just wasting your time going to school… all that crap your learning is BS.” Jim was always trying to push my buttons. Especially since I was the only person considered qualified or level-headed enough to work with this “one-on-one” mental client they had at that particular facility. The point is, I wanted to tell him what an ignorant SOB he was (which he was) but I never gave him that power over me. I replied to him in a calm but very firm tone, “Well thank you Jim. I certainly appreciate you making disparaging comments about my education.” Oddly enough it worked! I gave any power he had to piss me off right back to him! Jim was silenced.

Perhaps Jim was jealous of my accomplishments. Perhaps he bombed out of high school. Perhaps he tried higher education and couldn’t cut-the-mustard OR it’s entirely possible he was just an assh**le. It doesn’t matter.

I learned that I am NOT responsible for the way others Act, Think, or Feel. I AM responsible for the way I act, think, and feel. And after Jim shut his big trap? I felt mighty damn powerful. It works if you work it! Us Bloggers are smart peeps!!! 😉DSCF0708