Creative Compositions

One of the very cool things about being a good photographer is that creating great images is only as far as your creative mind will take you. Oftentimes I will seek out ugly, strange, and nothing-less looking places, in order to challenge myself and discover what my eye is capable of seeing. For example, years ago I shot an image with my old Nikon F. Many people made ravishing comments about it and some wanted a print. My good friend who has worked in the photographic lab business asked me “what IS that?” I told him that it was a pile of trash. At first he didn’t believe me but later was heard telling several people that I was the ONLY person he knew of that could take a trash dump and make it look good. The point is that you don’t have to be in Yellowstone Park to capture great images. Be creative. These are just a few I snapped with my old, straight Fujifilm digital camera at 6.3 MP. Good luck! Thanks for visiting jmorlife63 and please feel free to comment/ask questions. My email is:


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